now WON BEST SCREENPLAY at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

MAROONED MINISERIES is now a finalist in the 2014 BIG BREAK FINAL DRAFT contest! This is a very prestigious and well known contest in the film industry

Best Screenplay Finalist award at


BEST SCREENPLAY 2018 at the Los Angeles CineFest

If you liked "Broke Back Mountain" will LOVE "Marooned"..Mini Series..OR FILM!



Jennifer Miller's book to screen miniseries “Marooned Miniseries” is now ready for production.

Jennifer Miller’s adaptation is now a 3 picture miniseries screenplay from her published book “Marooned.”

Award winning screenwriter is Kathy Krantz Stewart.

This new book to screen  project, an exciting blockbuster “Marooned Miniseries” is now ready for production.

Jennifer Miller’s adaptation is now a 3 picture miniseries screenplay from her published book “Marooned.”


Published and accomplished Author, Jennifer Miller, writer of this exciting miniseries, collaborated with award winning screenwriter/producer Kathy Krantz Stewart to bring this book onto the big screen.  

Jennifer is author of many books, which include: Sweet Revenge, Run, Rasputin Run! Books 1, 2 and 3, Audio books, Christmas Tails and Living with the Dying.  Marooned Miniseries is her first of her many books to bring to the big screen. It lends itself beautifully to 3D and is thought to be a favorite by those who reviewed and read it.  This miniseries is now open for producers and investors, and it on its way to the big screen.  

Marooned is the 19th century tale of Justin Radcliff, a young American who, on a voyage to the Ivory Coast, is beaten and thrown overboard by his evil twin brother, Edward.  Kolya, a handsome black man and leader of the Zulu tribe there, finds Justin caught in his net while fishing. Kolya nurses him back to health and together they form a deep bond that can’t be broken. Lost in a country that has shown Justin violence, hate and destruction, he finds a new life with a love that torments his very existence.

Marooned Miniseries is a beautiful and sensitive love story that struggles with truth, pain and then acceptance. This miniseries is now open for producers and investors. There are A-List actor's considered for roles in this soon to be blockbuster miniseries.

This will be the most exciting miniseries as the character's are intriguing and the locations for this film shoot will be exotic and gorgeous to fit the storyline. Exciting twists and turns throughout the films, with an explosive and surprise ending, make this miniseries incredible viewing. There is action, love and so much more that will make this a favorite miniseries.

To find out more about this film series, go to her links and on Facebook and Twitter as well.  This project is also on IMDb and is ready for producer's and investors to produce.